Seamless Hat from recycled yarn | Blue
Seamless Hat from recycled yarn | Blue
Seamless Hat from recycled yarn | Blue

Seamless Hat from recycled yarn | Blue

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Blue unisex seamless hat made from recycled yarn sourced from leftover materials in our seamless sweater production.

Material: 85% recycled yarn
Composition: 55% recycled cotton, 30% recycled wool, 10% cotton, 5% other fibres
Colour: Blue
Size: One size

The yarn is a blend of 55% post-consumer recycled cotton denim and 30% recycled wool. This sustainable approach ensures that old garments are repurposed rather than discarded. In the recycling process, fasteners are removed, garments are cut, reduced into fibers, and then spun into a new yarn, contributing to a closed-loop production cycle.

No new chemical colors are used, as the garments are pre-sorted by colors, further minimizing environmental impact.

Our recycled yarn is supplied by an Italian company Pinori Filati SPA. The yarn is Recycled Claim Standard certified, ensuring the authenticity and traceability of the recycled content.

Unlike traditional knitwear, which typically involves cutting various garment parts from fabric and stitching them together - resulting in significant production waste - seamless knitwear is crafted in three dimensions. This innovative approach minimizes the use of materials to only what is necessary, eliminating material wastage as there is no cut loss associated with removing parts from fabric. Wastefree seamless knitwear stands as the epitome of eco-friendly fashion.

The knitwear is crafted in an Estonian factory called VETA.


Product code: HAT001BL

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