Women's Denim Coat | Dark blue

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Material: 100% upcycled fabric
Fabric composition: 100% cotton
Lining: no lining
Colour: dark blue

This coat has not undergone any treatment and we do not use any dangerous chemicals to prevent fading, so it may change colour after the first wash.

Colour may transfer to other fabrics and upholstery! Wash with cold water (30° C) and with the same or similar colours, do not tumble dry.

This product is UPMADE® certified. It was made using leftover materials, meets international labour standards, and avoids restricted hazardous chemicals.

Each garment saves on average 75% water, and 88% energy and emits 80% less CO2.

Factory: Beximco, Bangladesh


Product code: W714E

The size chart is a guide to help you find the right size for you. Find out how to measure yourself and which size fits you the best.

Sizing chart

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