Up-shirt for men, moon motif | Locally upcycled

Up-shirt for men, moon motif | Locally upcycled

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Sizing guide

Our signature up-shirt, but now made by you! 

First, choose your size, add it to the cart, and make the payment. Then, open your wardrobe and choose three t-shirts which you want us to make a new up-shirt out of. 

Please drop the t-shirts off by our store at Telliskivi 60A/5 or post your package to Aus Design Llc., Telliskivi 60A/5, Tallinn 10412, Estonia. When posting the package, remember to specify on a note which part(s) of your old t-shirt you want on your new up-shirt. Say, one t-shirt has a pattern and you want that to become the arrow part, then state that etc. And if you decide to come to our store, you can also forward your design specifications orally. 

Your locally upcycled up-shirt saves on average 75% water and 88% energy.

As this up-shirt is made to order, production takes up to 3 weeks.

The price is higher than for an industrially upcycled up-shirt because it takes 5 hours to make, is made here in Estonia, and includes the company’s added value (know-how, expertise), branding, and the company’s fixed and variable costs.