Brand concept

The impact of the pursuit of fashion is a blight upon on the world. The fashion industry is notoriously wasteful in its use of the Earth’s natural resources, and yet until recently, few if anyone did anything to inspire change. 

We are dedicated to reducing the fashion industry’s environmental impact, by using only leftover materials to design our clothing. Our aim is to create a loop of sustainability for our products through upcycling and recycling.

  • Quality and sustainability – garments are built to last, both due to our production methods and their style
  • Clean environment – each garment saves, on average, 75% water and 88% energy, and generates 80% less CO2 than with a mainstream label
  • Transparency in production – the facilities we use, located in Bangladesh and India, meet safety and fair pay standards, according to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • Each garment comes with UPMADE® certification – you can recognise it from the tag attached to the garment, and the embroidered ‘arrow’ mark on the garment

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