World Cleanup Day for MEN
World Cleanup Day for MEN
World Cleanup Day for MEN

World Cleanup Day for MEN

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Be a part of the World Cleanup Day and opt for the official Cleanup Day t-shirt, give it to Yourself as a gift for the day, spread the message of sustainable living and help avoid textiles turning into to waste.


Profits of the shirt will go to help organise the World Cleanup Day event on the 15th of September.


Delivery time depends on destination and may take from 2 up to 10 business days.


By having a Reet Aus Upshirt you vote for sustainable way of producing clothing

Every Upshirt avoids ca 170g of new fabrics being produced and saves 91% of water, 86% of energy and 82% of CO2 emission.

- Reet Aus is devoted to solve one of the biggest problems in fashion industry - huge amount of textile leftovers.


Material: 100% upcycled cotton
Color: black / blue-yellow-pink arrow

Every item saves 91% water and 87% energy. 

This product is UPMADE® certified. It was made using leftover materials, meets international labour standards and avoids restricted hazardous chemicals.