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Timeless and Sustainable Basics
Basic sweatshirt for women  | Light greyWomen's briefs | GreyHoodie for men | Black, redMen's trunks | LilacSweatshirt for women | Aqua, white

Cozy Sweats and Underwear

Snuggle in Style

Say hello to snug moments and chilly day chic with our range of cozy sweatshirts, sweatpants, and underwear that redefine comfort.

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Documentary “Out of fashion”

Follow designer Reet Aus to the epicenter of mass production - Bangladesh

Upcycling industrially
Science based and sustainable design clothes since 2011

Fashion business is the world's most contaminating industry, even worse than transportation. The only one who can change this is YOU. Really? Yup. You don’t even need to consume less. No. Actually, a true hero consumes more… of waste. That's what we are here for! So that you could shop our planet waste-less. Isn't it controversial? Be it. We walk our talk. Our method is tested since 2011 by the founding mother of industrial upcycling, PhD Reet Aus. That's what we do. We upcycle industrially. 100%.


Science based and sustainable clothing line


Less of CO2 generated in comparison with mainstream fashion production


Water saved on average per garment


Energy saved on average per garment

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For corporations
Sustainable design for your team

Reet Aus is proudly worn by over 50 organisations that value reducing their environmental impact, saving resources, or who just care and want to be kind to the planet. Custom made and sustainably designed clothes are available for your team.