Corporate Up-shirt

Perhaps over and above anything else, the t-shirt is an iconic garment. We all have a favourite, we all have one or two we would never part with. It is the essential, endlessly versatile, item of clothing, taking people from travels to sports events, concerts, the office… everywhere.

Sadly, the ubiquitous t-shirt carries a major environmental burden. Factory-made t-shirts yield up to a staggering 40% waste material. That means almost half of the fabric used for every t-shirt you have ever bought goes to landfill, or is disposed in a similarly wasteful way.

Think of all the cotton grown for no good purpose, all the water and other natural resources, so needed amid extreme climate change, which is going to waste thanks to the rampant consumerism of fast fashion. How would you feel, knowing that 40% of your efforts were for nothing? Now imagine how the workers in the factories making these garments feel.

Each Upshirt saves on average 91% water, 87% energy and generates 80% less CO2 than would be the case using mainstream fashion production methods.

Our products are UPMADE® certified.

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