We make ethical and sustainable corporate shirts, uniforms and accessories from textile industry leftover fabric.

Available for small and large teams

Reet Aus is proudly worn by over 200 organisations


Small team – we made under 30 shirts


Global or large teams - we made 641 shirts

Estonian Song & Dance Celebration

Mammoth events and teams - we made a total of 35,000 shirts

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Did you know?

Corporate T-shirts that are manufactured in a regular factory produce up to 40% of (textile) waste. Meaning that almost half of the fabric acquired for the T-shirts goes to landfill or will be utilized in a non-environmental way. 

About the garments

Save on average 75% water, 88% energy and produce 80% less CO2

All Reet Aus garments are with UPMADE® certificate - made using only textile leftovers.

Why choose sustainable corporate clothing?

Experience has shown that sustainable practices and initiatives lead to a better brand image, higher productivity, happier investors, reduced costs and create countless competitive advantages.

Reet Aus is proudly worn by

Startup Day
World Cleanup Day
Visit Estonia


Formal wear

In addition to T-shirts, sweatshirts and corporate clothes, Reet Aus also designs formal wear.

In the photo Estonian president, Kersti Kaljulaid is wearing a custom-made Reet Aus dress.


Feedback from companies wearing Reet Aus


We wanted our company clothes to last for years and to match our values. Therefore, it was a straightforward choice to start a collaboration with Reet Aus


Public event


Choosing Reet Aus up-shirts was an obvious choice for Pipedrive and our staff proudly wear them in all our offices around the world.


Global startup


We are growing at a fast pace, so it is important to us to take into account the environmental impact that comes along with us operating as a business. /-/ When deciding where to order our company's T-shirts from, Reet Aus was a natural choice.


Global startup


Reet´s sustainable approach to fashion's problem with mass production coincides with our band's aspirations to re-use traditional folk music to create new music.

Svjata Vatra

Estonian band


We wanted to create a hotel that is kind to the planet. /--/ Therefore, Reet Aus was an obvious choice for our uniform.

Hektor Hotel

Hotel chain

Let's save the planet, together

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