Price transparency and adjustments
We've always been committed to honesty and transparency in our pricing principles. That's why we must address an important topic: price adjustments. And to ensure transparency, we want to provide a better understanding of how we calculate our retail prices and share the cost breakdowns with you.
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Reet Aus by Rui Camilo
Reet Aus is now available in 1️1 new markets through Zalando. These include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden. We sat down with Reet to talk about expanding to new markets and why Zalando.
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A well woven world
Anyone who has grown up north of the Alps knows that there are many things that can be put on the shelves of a wardrobe, and one thing that has to fit on every shelf. That cornerstone of the Nordic wardrobe is, of course, the sweater.
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