There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
We want to talk about light. Not because there is a feeling of autumn in the air but because Reet Aus has managed to capture the essence of light in her new limited edition T-shirts. The Light series T-shirts refer to the cosmic primal sources of light, the ones that shine despite us and our (energy) crises. Available both for men and women, upcycled as per our status quo. 
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Underwear. It’s personal.

Reet Aus' first underwear collection is the first of its kind in the entire world. It is made from the leftovers of the clothing industry. And our goal was to create underwear that is truthful and honest. But what makes underwear personal?

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Completely Out of Fashion
Completely Out of Fashion is a sequel to the documentary titled “Out of Fashion” which first premiered in 2015. The follow-up focuses on the trails of post-consumer textile waste and its potential for reuse and upcycling. Read more about Upcycling Incubator Programme and a new documentary in the making.
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