A well woven world

A well woven world

Anyone who has grown up north of the Alps knows that there are many things that can be put on the shelves of a wardrobe, and one thing that has to fit on every shelf. That cornerstone of the Nordic wardrobe is, of course, the sweater.

The four seasons are not divided by which ones you need a jumper and which ones you don't, but by which sweaters you need in summer, which ones you need in winter, which ones you wear in spring and which ones you wear in autumn.

Of course, that doesn't mean you don't need a winter sweater in summer! Certainly not! During those hours of the summer solstice, when you're scurrying around in search of the mystical fern flowers, there's generally nothing better than a warm sweater.

Reet Aus is a quintessentially Nordic brand, so it's time to talk about our new recycled knits, designed in Estonia and knitted in Latvia, by people who know exactly what a proper sweater should be.

We have created a true 21st century knitwear, where centuries of experience meet today's challenges and technologies.

Every sweater starts with yarn. Naturally, we use stock leftovers here, and we end up with a recycled yarn with the name Denimwool, which speaks of the fact that it's made from post-consumer denim. The yarn is made up of 55% post-consumer recycled cotton denim and 30% recycled wool. This way, the old denim is not wasted but reused in a new production cycle - zips and buttons are removed, the denim is cut and the pieces are given a new life in the form of yarn.

The yarn is Recycled Claim Standard certified and has not been dyed, but the original denim is previously sorted by colour. Our knitting yarn is produced by Pinori Filati SPA in Italy.

Reet Aus seamless sweater for menReet Aus seamless sweater with arrow

Denimwool is knitted into sweaters in the Latvian factory SIA Viola-Stils, using an innovative 3D printing technique, which means that the sweater has no stitches and there is no waste in the knitting process. Seamless sweaters adapt perfectly to the wearer's body shape, so you can almost forget you're wearing it!

Next to the earthy wool sweaters of childhood memories, REET AUS' new knits are soft and comfortable, as if they were made for your body.

Seamless knit in yellow Men's seamless knit in yellow


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