Lights, Camera, Sustainability: PÖFF's Cinematic Green Leap with Reet Aus

Lights, Camera, Sustainability: PÖFF's Cinematic Green Leap with Reet Aus

Take a behind-the-scenes journey into the heart of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) and unveil a dazzling world where the commitment to sustainability shines as brightly as the silver screen.

This year, Reet Aus had the immense pleasure of teaming up with PÖFF to produce their iconic festival t-shirts, introducing an additional layer of green elegance to this cinematic celebration. PÖFF's Marketing Manager, Maria Plees, offers insights into the festival's evolution toward sustainability and provides the backstory behind the collaboration with Reet Aus.

Why did you choose to opt for sustainable PÖFF's t-shirts this year?

The paw print (footprint) is important to PÖFF. We are aware that organizing a big and glamorous film festival consumes resources, which has made us think more and more about how we can still organize a big film festival as economically and environmentally friendly as possible.

Products inevitably go along with the festival, and over the years we have made them more and more environmentally friendly. Starting with reducing quantities and ending with materials. It is also important for us to include plenty of Estonian producers and brands in the festival, and we are really happy that Reet Aus is also among them this year.

What role do sustainability and environmental friendliness play in your organisation's daily life and plans?

It's really important to us. We're moving more and more towards a greener festival! We dream big, and significant steps towards a sustainable festival have already been taken. Our goal is not to create small changes, but to be the change itself! We invest not only in the present but also in the future.

At the PÖFF office with the green energy label, we keep an eye on small things that ultimately create a big impact - we educate ourselves on environmental issues, switch from paper to smart solutions, and for every film nominated for the festival, we donate one euro to plant trees. We are proud to announce that since 2019, PÖFF has reduced the number of printed catalogues by 50% and moved the catalogue to the online environment, and all other printed materials will also be recyclable from 2021.

To make the joy of giving even greater, the gifts and souvenirs we distribute are environmentally friendly. In addition, the festival uses reusable tableware, and participants enjoy drinking water from a planet-friendly drinking bottle.

While paper tickets are part of the thrill, we're finding more and more ways to download online tickets because the environment matters!

We cannot overlook the fact that PÖFF brings a lot of guests to the city and Estonia, so we have made it a point to use the appropriate public transport option for transporting them, Toyota hybrid and electric cars have been our irreplaceable companions for many years.

We also invite guests to use Tallinn Public Transport, which can be done completely free of charge.

We are moving more and more towards a greener festival.

How did you hear about Reet Aus? Why did you decide to order PÖFF's t-shirts from us?

Reet Aus has caught our eye with her flying and bold ideas. Her strong brand and world views are a direction indicator and an example for us as a festival as well, and we are honoured to cooperate with her at the 27th PÖFF, creating significant value and personal and future-oriented cooperation, which also invites PÖFF visitors to a greener way of thinking.

What added value do you think Reet Aus clothes offers?

As already mentioned, a sustainable and forward-looking vision is also important for PÖFF. We are not only a film festival, but fun revolves around us, and various fields affect our success and progress. Reet's beautiful and immediate worldview and contribution to the fashion industry also support the essence of our film festival, creating an opportunity to consume wisely and consciously.

PÖFF's wolf-themed up-shirts are now conveniently available at PÖFF information centers located in Solaris Centre and Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn, as well as Tartu Kaubamaja in Tartu.

* If you are also interested in unique custom made up-shirts, feel free to contact us!