We produce political merchandise – apolitically

We produce political merchandise – apolitically

Political movements have approached us over the years to order political merchandise. As an apolitical brand, we’ve rejected all proposals for collaboration. The discussion became relevant again this year. We were reached out.

What do we do? We discussed this thoroughly within our team. The choice was between two options. From this day forward, Reet Aus® is an apolitical brand that collaborates with:

  • ALL political parties;
  • NO political parties.

Decision? We’ll collaborate with ALL parties represented in the parliament of democratic countries. We maintain the freedom of choice for deciding whether or not we cooperate with political movements, that are not in democratic countries or are not represented in the parliament. Our assessments will be made according to the EIU democracy index.

Why did we change our policy?

Political T-shirts emerged in the 1940s. It began with Thomas E. Dewey running for the US president with his T-shirt Dew it with Dewey. Now, it’s a billion-dollar industry. Our protest against the production of political merchandise does not make the world better, because in that case – a larger amount of political T-shirts would be made from raw fabrics.

We all expect political figures to reach ethical decisions. So we want to nudge them towards sustainability. As we produce from leftovers, then the more political customers we serve, the better. We do not compromise on printing either – we use embroideries instead of heat transfer. You will see the first batch of political merchandise designed by us soon. Stay tuned.