Heart up-shirts

Heart up-shirts


    Reet Aus is a PhD-qualified fashion designer and environmental activist, a natural rebel who founded REET AUS COLLECTION® and THE UPSHIRT®. Already in her early career she started with used clothes and production leftovers as her resources for sustainable fashion. This was not enough, as she salvage one pair of jeans, 10 000 others were made. In 2009 she dived deep into the epicenters of mass production to make a change from the inside. She is a pioneer in the field of industrial upcycling for fashion, and has developed the UPMADE® certification, in order to pass on her knowledge to brands and factories. The UPMADE® system allows Reet Aus and other brands to turn leftover materials into new eco-friendly garments while saving water and energy. Upcycling helps to create a circular economy for fashion by giving production textile waste a new life.


    All garments are ethically made - meeting international labour standards, using leftover material and avoiding restricted hazardous chemicals

    Upcycle your thinking with Reet Aus

    By choosing clothes made by Reet Aus you are directly reducing textile waste. Or as we say - the more you shop the bigger the trash drop. If you like what we do - make a picture with your new Reet Aus item and tag us with #reetaus and #upcycleyourthinking.