Shareholder policy
Aus Design has always put our investors in highest regards. We enable our shareholders to test and buy our products with privileges. We are all part of the arrow tribe trying to reduce waste on our dear planet Earth. 
  • Affordable leftovers. In 2022, we have decided to apply 20% discount for all our investors who own at least 58 share units (who invested at least 493 euros);
  • Product testing. We need people to try, wear and test products from time to time. If you are an investor willing to accept free products, and bounce back constructive feedback – then please, let's team up. Such opportunities are offered to our investor community;
  • Exclusive offers. That's a box of surprises. But well, we do sometimes have samples with no purpose. And sometimes, we might need people to validate our collections. Why not engage our investors to the industry? There can be calls for unexpected engagements;
  • Invitation to the annual general meeting. This happens once a year. We take our year together, and share the news about the company.