We are extremely proud to introduce you to the collaboration between Reet Aus and Japan Blue that has led to jeans upcycled from some of the best denim in the world, designed in Estonia, produced in Japan. Read more why denim-lovers from all over the world praise Japanese denim and about our new jeans from Japan.
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Theatre sustainability
Before beginning her journey with her fashion brand and as a pioneer in industrial upcycling, Reet worked as a costume and set designer for various theatre productions both in Estonia and abroad. As a costume designer, Reet is also devoted to being as sustainable as possible in her practice.
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Reet Aus is going labelfree. Or at least as much as possible!
Today in the European Union, a total of 25% of all used clothing is collected, out of which only 1% is recycled. That´s why, besides us working with leftovers, we are always keeping in mind that our products must be easily recycled. The final step we had to make towards using mono-fabrics was going label-free.
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